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Window 10 CompatibleThis is professional and open source fork of AutoClicker for Windows 7 to 10. It clicks at mouse cursor or at user-selected position. All the program settings are saved between run-times. This is the full-fledged mouse auto clicker. AutoClicker Professional has already fixed many bugs of the predecessor and will add many intriguing features in the future, keeping clean and accurate test-driven developing process to be always free of bugs (as you might remember, AutoClicker itself was quite full of bugs). Mouse trigger keys (hotkeys) work when the application is minimized (in the background) for convenience. You can select Left, Middle, Right mouse button to click as well as click type - Single, Double, Triple. The AutoClicker Professional installs Microsoft .Net 4.5.x automatically if your computer has no this component. Windows 10 typically has it built-in and does not need .Net installation. Features: - Supports auto-clicking at current mouse position or at user-picked position. - Supports arbitrary finite times of clicking as well as infinite clicking. - Supports Left, Middle, Right mouse button to click. - Supports Single, Double and Triple clicking. - Supports trigger key change (picked by user). - Supports clicking while the application is minimized (in the background). - All the settings are saved automatically between application run-times. - Elegant and intuitively-understood graphical user interface. - Free and open source without Ads and Viruses forever. - SHA256(Setup_AutoClickerProfessional_1_1_1_1.exe)= d016433cf9e0917a61816c61076a25358aea92677f05b82a493da457a7c77196.

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